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Corporate lawyers routinely deal with financial issues, including capital structures, the valuation of businesses and financial claims, and the connection between contractual environment and firm value.

The Corporate Finance for Lawyers program at Stockholm School of Economics is designed to meet practicing business legal experts’ need for a solid foundation in the fundamentals of corporate finance, in limited time, and with a focus on practical applications.

The program is designed to meet the needs of lawyers, corporate counsel, and legal experts who work on financial issues, including transactions, large contracts, and capital markets. The program will help participants become competent users rather than producers of financial analysis.

Learning outcomes:

The main topics covered during the two days are:

  • The fundamentals of valuation: cash flows, discounting, multiples
  • Capital structure theory: how firms chose capital structures and why
  • Financial contracts: the connection between financial contracts (covenants, optionality, control rights) and business context
  • M&A and other transactions: synergy valuation, the role of distress in motivating capital structure choices

The program is taught using case studies, is highly interactive, and requires preparation by participants. No prior knowledge of finance is assumed beyond basic terminology and a familiarity with the basic legal contexts.

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