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ESA Access, E-learning


Our e-learning module ESA Access (web course) has been developed to fit instructed persons who need to do non-electrical work in an electrical installation or who need to do work in the vicinity of live parts.

This online course is the equivalent to ESA Tillträde webb in swedish

In order to ensure electrical safety at work Sweden has a very clear framework of laws and provisions. The Electrical Safety provisions (ESA, ¨Elsäkerhetsanvisningar¨in Swedish) are supplemental to the law and do for exmple regulate how net owners, contractors, and electricians shall collaborate.

The ESA objective is to ensure electrical safety and the use of good practice electrical work procedures and ESA can be supplemented by local instructions and procedures. ESA also provide for a common language use and thereby help to prevent fatal mistakes.

Please note

Some proprietors do however require a certificate from ESA 14 Skilled person, or classroom training on the ESA framework, that is, check with the relevant proprietor what the requirements are for you.

För vem passar kursen?

ESA Access is for those who are not skilled persons as to electrical work activities but who will do work where electrical danger is present. For example workers for clean up, instruments, construction who work in control rooms in electrical installations and production plants.


  • The basics, as described in ¨ESA Grund¨.
  • The provisions and regulations of the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board, such as the regulation ELSÄK-FS 2006:1.
  • About electrical dangers.
  • About electrical accidents.
  • Examples of electrical work activities.


The course targets are to give the required knowledge to be able to work according to ESA, to provide an understanding of the working methods and be able to apply them correctly and in accordance with the provision ELSÄK-FS 2006:1. The overall target is to prevent accidents.

The course ends with a Final Test and the person taking the course can directly after passing this test print out a course certificate.

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